Exhibitions & Special Programs

Frontline Paper Workshop for Veterans, Women of Visions and Associated Artists of Pittsburgh Exhibitions, Touchstone Teen Week and Internship Program


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Closed captioning is available by clicking on the CC icon at the bottom of the videos.

Frontline Paper Workshop
Videography by Alex Byers

Women of Visions
The longest running African American visual arts organization in America.
Participating Artists: Lynne B., Jo-Anne Bates, Ruth Bedeian, Christine Bethea, Elizabeth Asche Douglas, Ashley A. Jones, Charlotte Ka, LaVerne Kemp, Mary Martin, Altha Pittrell, Dominique Scaife, Ruth A. Ward, Janet Watkins

Associated Artists of Pittsburgh
‘Isaac Returns to Art’

Touchstone Teen Week
Hear from 2021 Teen Week Participants
Touchstone Summer Internships
Hear from 2020 Touchstone interns

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