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Virtual Open House Exhibition from the Bea Campbell Gallery

Featuring Touchstone Interns and Summer Staff

Virtual Open House Video

All of the pieces featured in this exhibition were crafted during the summer of 2020 at Touchstone Center for Crafts.

Participating Artists: Meghan Burke, Julia Castor, Taylor Fentz, Makena Henriksen, Jessica Howerton, Stacy Larson, Taylor Mezo, and Daniel Tomcik. Learn more about the artists below.

Touchstone’s Miniature Gallery makes it’s premier debut

Miniature Group ‘Solo’ Exhibition: Together Alone

Miniature Exhibition

This exhibition features miniature artwork created by summer staff and interns at Touchstone Center for Crafts. The Miniature Group ‘Solo’ Exhibition: Together Alone reflects a small group of artists practicing socially distant art making within a craft community during the COVID-19 pandemic. Each mini Solo cup pedestal represents an artist at Touchstone and all are spaced 6 inches apart. Historically, these disposable cups were invented to prevent the spread of disease through sharing, hence the name ‘Solo’. As the current pandemic forces us to navigate new public health guidelines, we are reminded of their original purpose. Each miniature work of art reflects how the individual artist identifies with these uncertain times. So raise a glass with us (or Solo cup), as we come Together Alone to bring you this socially distant miniature exhibition! 

The Touchstone Squad

Participating Artists: Meghan Burke, Julia Castor, Taylor Fentz, Makena Henriksen, Jessica Howerton, Stacy Larson, Taylor Mezo, Daniel Tomcik, and Glen Gardner.

Gallery Store

From Saturday, September 26th until Friday, October 2nd, shop the Gallery Store for handmade items by our Interns and Summer Staff. All proceeds from the sale will go to the artists and Touchstone’s Artist Intern Program.

The gallery store is currently closed.

Learn about the artists:

Meghan Burke

Meghan Burke is a ceramic artist originally from Manasquan, NJ. who now resides in Pittsburgh.  She graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with a Bachelors of Art. Meg started her ceramics career as a sculptor but has now found a love of functional pottery, using her passion of plants and flowers to inspire her hand pinched and coiled pottery.

Instagram @meghanburkestudio

Julia Castor

Julia Castor is a ceramic artist and a fine art painter from Bucks County Pa. Her work draws inspiration from the natural world and art history, among other things. She is extremely excited about having the chance to work and grow as an artist on Touchstone’s beautiful campus.

Etsy Site: Julia Castor

Taylor Fentz

Originally from Indiana, Taylor Fentz graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts/Metals from Ball State University and also attended grad school at Edinboro University. Her inspiration is found through exploring the conceptual boundaries between Human and Nature.

Etsy Site: Taylor Fentz
Instagram @taylor.fentz

Makena Henriksen

Makena Henriksen is a metalsmith and maker from the Pacific Northwest whose work often references coastal ecosystems. They are excited to return to Touchstone for the 2020 season to continue exploring new mediums and techniques. This is Mak’s second season at Touchstone.

Instagram @nettlefireforge

Jessica Howerton

Jessica Howerton is a metalsmith who recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metals from Tennessee Tech University’s Appalachian Center for Craft. Her work focuses on the collection and preservation of both childhood memories and found objects. Jessica enjoys making work that encompasses intricate details and simplistic designs.

Website: Jessica Howerton
Instagram @metalsmithextraordinaire

Stacy Larson

Originally from Minnesota, Stacy Larson attended Syracuse University where she received her BFA, double majoring in Ceramics and Jewelry/Metalsmithing. Stacy has returned to Touchstone for her 4th summer as a seasonal employee. She will be attending WVU to pursue an MFA in ceramics.

Instagram @stacylarsonceramics

Taylor Mezo

Taylor Mezo is a ceramic artist and jewelry maker from Bradley, Illinois who works primarily in sculptural and functional ware. Using red earthenware, she creates vessels by using a mixture of wheelthrowing and handbuilding techniques. In December 2019, she graduated with her Bachelors in Fine Arts from Governors State University.

Instagram @taylormezo

Daniel Tomcik

This is Daniel Tomcik’s fourth season as Studio and Grounds Manager, and seventh summer coming to Touchstone. Dan is a potter and pizza chef from Pittsburgh, PA. He graduated from California University of PA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, focusing in functional ceramics.

Instagram @tomcikpots

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